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Volunteering at School-Can I? Should I?

by Advancement
Volunteering at School-Can I? Should I?

Volunteering at School – Can I? Should I?

The short answers are – yes, and yes!  Volunteer time given to any Catholic elementary school is a true gift.  What if you are new to the school, and you do not know anyone? How do you get started? What if you are so busy, how will you find spare time to volunteer? Does it make a difference?

How is a Catholic Elementary Education Affordable for Your Family?

by Advancement

Does sending your child to Catholic school seem unattainable because you think you cannot afford the tuition?

Do you feel like you are settling for a mediocre elementary education because you do not believe you have the income to support Catholic school tuition?

Would you like to give your child the experience of a faith-based education, and still be able to provide for your family? If so, you are not alone!

Hawk For A Day-Student Shadow Program

by Advancement

We invite you son or daughter to experience student life through our “Hawk for a Day” student shadow program.

Hawk for a Day” Program:

Attend a class with a student ambassador in your child’s grade
Spend recess with future classmates
Meet future teachers and get to know our school

Full day visits from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM ( recommended for Grades 2-7)

Half Day visits form 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM (recommended for K-1)

To schedule a shadow day or for more information, please contact

Mrs. Tara Grimmie

Enrollment Director

(856) 783-3088


Searching for a Kindergarten Program for Your Child? Three Important Questions to Ask on a School Visit (and the answers you need)

by Advancement

You are a “soon-to-be” Kindergarten parent. About this time of year, you may be Googling, surveying neighbors or attending local school events seeking the best fit for your child. It can be overwhelming to choose the right school, especially for a new Kindergarten parent. As parents, we all strive to make the best educational choices for our children, and there are many out there today-private, faith-based, charter, public, home school, cyber school and more. Well, you are not alone!