Lisa and I wanted a faith-based education for our Mia. We made our decision after visiting a St. John Paul II Open House. For a Catholic school of 300 students it has everything we desire for Mia; a challenging curriculum, a caring but disciplined atmosphere, and a diverse student body that we feel is an integral part of our daughter’s education. SJPII offers such subjects as Spanish, music, art as well as extracurricular activities such as cheerleading, track, dance and basketball in the lower grades that other local public or parochial schools simply can’t match.

SJPII embodies the Jesuit mantra of Cura Personalis — or “care for the entire person.” Whether it’s our principal, Mrs. Persing, Mrs. Delgado, Nurse Kelly or any of the wonderful teachers — they all know, love and protect our daughter. OLG is also our spiritual home as well and weekly children’s mass on Fridays, with our wonderful pastor Fr. Vince (or Fr. Adam, or Fr. Junior); reinforce the Catholic mores they learn in school. We would recommend the school for any child — because it is a school in which every child can exceed expectations and learn to do all things for the greater glory of God.

Tom, Lisa, and Mia Brzozowski

We decided to send our daughter, Katie, to St. John Paul II Regional School when she was eligible in Pre-K-3 because we wanted to build upon the Catholic faith that is part of our family. We are active members of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish and have experienced a strong sense of community and commitment between the parish and school. The bond was even more paramount to be being a member of the U.S. Army and deployed for a year in the Middle East.
Families who have children in the parish school have an easier time of developing a sense of community with their fellow parishioners. Opportunities for fellowship, friendship, and service are available for families and create a warm and welcoming community!

Matt, Marianne, and Katie Krug

When it was time for our daughter to attend Preschool, Gertrude and I wanted to make sure that the school we would choose would represent our family and Catholic values. We also wanted an environment that was known for their devotion to promoting student diversity and provided a quality education for its students. We are now on our third year of having a SJPII student!
Our daughter, Noelle Poole, has started her third year at St. John Paul II and we couldn’t be happier with her progress. She participates in cheerleading and is looking forward to joining one of the school’s other athletic teams. We have been attending Our Lady of Guadalupe Church for eight years and have enjoyed being part of the community. Father Vince was one of the main reasons we had decided on SJPII. Growing up Catholic, we understand the importance of faith and community. We have seen these familiar values in Father Vince and the school. We love the way that SJPII promotes family involvement within the school functions. It is also refreshing to see the willingness of the parents to support the school aside from just the sporting events. It is truly a loving community. Mrs. Persing, Noelle’s teachers and all the support staff have made our family feel that our decision to have our daughter attend their school has been correct. My wife and I know that Noelle is receiving a great education and is being cared for as are all the students. We look forward to the upcoming years and future relationships that will be made at St. John Paul II!
Jeremy, Gertrude, and Noelle Poole