Fine Arts

Visual art is a co-curricular subject provided once a week to students in grades K-8. Art teacher, Ms. Ayala, lends her expertise and works with every child to explore a wide variety of mediums and techniques.

Students experience both the technique and history of artists like Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinski, Leonardo DiVinci, and Louise Nevelson. Students will create both 2D and 3D works of art using everything from pencils, crayons, and oil pastels to yarn, clay, and found objects.

Ms. Ayala also coordinates our Art Club, an afterschool club available for students who wish to explore their creative side outside the classroom.

Our annual Spring Art Show will include a main exhibit themed around an art period or a principle of art, and a special gallery that transports the viewer to another world. All students in grades K-8 will create artworks displayed in both areas.