Making a School Transfer a Positive Experience






For some parents, a realization may come when the current school where their child is enrolled is no longer a “good fit” for their child. There are a variety of reasons this may be the case from a child’s personality type, interests, learning style, social experiences to the current school’s program offerings, policies and/or teaching practices.  Or, perhaps the location of the school no longer works for the morning commute.  Regardless of the reason, the decision is about attaining a positive, successful educational experience for the child.

Saint John Paul II Regional School welcomes on average 35 transfer students each year from many surrounding towns in first through eighth grades.  Once it is determined that the school is a good fit for the student, and that the student is a good fit for Saint John Paul II, a new educational experience begins.  Through years of welcoming transfer students to the school, Eighth Grade homeroom and science teacher, Danielle Hurd, sees three key factors in a transfer student’s successful adjustment to a new school.

  • Adapting to a new teaching styleExpectations and work load can be a challenge for a new transfer student. Mrs. Hurd uses three methods for a transfer student to overcome this challenge:
    • Be patient with them
    • Modify some areas initially for the student
    • Connect them with a “buddy” in the class to help them navigate and get organized with tasks throughout the day
  • Addressing gaps in academics- A Child Study  can be recommended, if it is believed that there there is a learning disability. Some key ways to address this are:
    • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate (to student and parents)
    • Administer testing by our Service Plan Team; implement a plan, if needed.
    • Provide teacher support for the student at lunch recess or after school
  • Making new friends- This is a big factor in a successful transition for a transfer student. Faculty at Saint John Paul II R.S. help students and their parents adapt socially in the following ways:
    • Invite the student and parent to participate in class and school activities
    • Encourage the student to join an activity that interests them such as: athletic teams, drama, band, after-school clubs, volunteer opportunities and school community events
    • Stay connected through all school communication whether it be via paper, email, social media or parent meetings

“Transfer students adapt quickly at Saint John Paul II Regional School. Students are usually very excited when someone new joins their class.” Mrs. Hurd says.  Saint John Paul II Regional School is currently accepting registrations for the 2018-2019 school year.  We invite students to visit us for a Shadow Day.  If you are seeking a faith-based, challenging academic environment for your child, call advancement director, Christine Willard, at 783-3088 or to arrange a visit today!

Mrs. Danielle Hurd – Eighth Grade Homeroom; Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Science

Mrs. Hurd holds a B.A. in elementary education and psychology with over 15 years teaching experience. In addition to science, she has taught language arts, mathematics, and religion in fifth through eighth grade. Mrs. Hurd motivates her students by incorporating creative, educational programs into her science lessons. Her science classes frequently work in our new Science Center with laboratory experiments and observations to follow-up on material taught in the classroom. Mrs. Hurd also enjoys using the smart board with her students, sharing power point presentations, and using Science World magazines that are internet friendly.  Mrs. Hurd runs our afterschool club, Science Explorers for Grades 1-5.