Volunteering at School-Can I? Should I?

Volunteering at School-Can I? Should I?


These are real questions our school parents ask themselves.  We asked one of our St. John Paul II School parents, Christine Roser, to explain how volunteering is possible, meaningful, and valuable, not to mention enjoyable.

Christine Roser has two children. Nicholas, a St. John Paul II School 2020 graduate, and Sofia is a current middle school student.  Both children entered SJII School in Kindergarten.  Christine has been volunteering ever since.

Volunteering is a great way for you to make new friends at St. John Paul II School.

“When Nicholas was in Kindergarten, I volunteered to be a room parent. I wanted to meet the parents that my child was going to school with, and I also wanted to work with the teachers. Getting to know the parents was one of the best things I have done. I met The Hart and Garafalo Families. They’ve become a second family to us.”

To new parents, Christine offers this, “Get involved, meet the parents that your children are going to school with! Our family has made so many wonderful and long-time friends. Nicholas graduated last year, and we still see some of the amazing families that we met in kindergarten, our children now have the bond of what true friendship is.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn more about the fellow St. John Paul II School parents and children your child is going to school with every day.

Christine emphasized, “In a world as crazy as it is today, it is important to know who your children are friending and to know their families.”

From making cheerleader bows to giving school tours, Christine, has volunteered in several ways. As a volunteer tour guide, Christine shared how grateful she is to have the chance to tell people how she feels about the school.  She enjoys sharing her school pride with parents, answering their questions, and providing information to help them find the best school for their child.

You create a volunteer schedule that fits your family’s needs.

Christine shares, “People think because I give so much of my time that I don’t work, but I work five days a week and both of my children are very active with sports. I make sure I find the time”

Today, Christine gives her time a few nights a week to our bingo fundraising program.  This program is needed as it raises significant funds for the school to operate.  “…my favorite is Bingo. We have a much fun with these people, I have learned so much about every one of them. It’s a family within a family!” Christine Roser

We have volunteer opportunities that can be done at home to fit your schedule.

Any volunteer time you can give makes a big difference.

“It’s easy to fit volunteer time into a busy schedule. I just know that the school needs my time, and make sure I make the time for the all the children at St. John Paul II School.


It was years ago when a fellow parent asked Christine to help with bingo.  She has loved it ever since! Christine finds working with the bingo patrons wonderful because some of them have no one else to turn to, and this is their weekly “get-out” to talk with people.  She added, they do a lot of laughing.  Volunteering at school touches many lives.


“At first, my children didn’t understand why I volunteered, because they were young. Now they know I do it for them and all the other children in the school. It also has shown them what is like to volunteer – to give your time, to give back to the community that has given to you.” Christine Roser


We invite you to volunteer today at St. John Paul II School.  To discuss your interests and how you would like to give your time to our school, please contact Brenda Cimorelli, Advancement Director, at bcimorelli@jp2rs.org or call 856-783-3088. This is how our school community grows together!