What Makes a Loving and Nurturing Preschool Experience for a Child? 7 Great Ways How to Do It!

Today, many parents need a child care program from birth through school age. All parents strive to place their child in a daycare environment that is loving and nurturing. This is no different when parents seek out a Preschool for their child. While there are important academic criteria parents should focus on in an accredited preschool program – a loving and nurturing environment is equally vital. In fact, if a loving and nurturing learning environment is not at the top of the school’s priorities, proceed with caution.

A loving and nurturing environment give three and four-year-old children a secure, happy place where they are confident to be themselves and accept one other. This leads to increased self confidence academically, spiritually and socially. At Saint John Paul II Regional School, the love and nurturing classroom environments in our Preschool Three and Four classrooms take root in our teachers.

PK3 teacher, Mrs. Linda Meara and PK4 teacher, Mrs. Kathy Considine, offer 7 wonderful ways ( and the reasons behind them) they create a loving and nurturing preschool program below:

1. “First and foremost, my love for children is the driving force behind my calling to teach.” Mrs. Meara. Every teaching moment at St. John Paul II Preschool begins with this driving

2. “Seeing the world through a child’s eyes! This adds so much joy to my life each day because a child embraces every day with a new sense of wonder and excitement.” Mrs. Considine.
Encouraging a sense of wonder is essential at the preschool age.

3. Our “Preschool” days are filled with imagination, creativity, music, movement, laughter and of course, learning.

4. “Teaching is my ministry…I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! There is no price to put on doing what God put you on earth to do. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling profession.”
Mrs. Considine.

5. Teaching the littlest ones the Love of Jesus and the wonder of God’s creation makes our day! We are blessed to have the opportunity to share this with preschool age children at the
start of their faith development, which they will rely on the rest of their lives.

6. Having the opportunity to watch preschool children grow from September to June and beyond is truly a gift- we teach former student’s children now! This is incredibly rewarding!

7. “I often wish as adults we might emulate the little ones and really believe that almost every day is the best day ever! In PK3, they make me believe!” Mrs. Meara.

Saint John Paul II Regional School is currently accepting preschool registrations for the 2017-2018 school year. A wait list will begin soon, so if you are searching for a loving and nurturing preschool environment (and top-notch academic program) for your child, call advancement director, Christine Willard, at 783-3088 or cwillard@jp2rs.org to visit today!

Mrs. Linda Meara-Preschool Three
Email: lmeara@jp2rs.org

Mrs. Meara holds a B.A. in elementary education and M.A. in reading along with a religious education certification. Mrs. Meara has been teaching in the primary grades for over 20 years. She brings her cheerful, nurturing, creative teaching style to our Preschool Three classroom. Mrs. Meara looks forward to a school year with faith, academic and social development in all her students. Mrs. Meara enjoys spending time with her young grandchildren and is also a Eucharistic minister at her parish.

Mrs. Kathleen Considine – Preschool Four
Email: kconsidine@jp2rs.org

Mrs. Considine attended LaSalle University and University of Salamanca Spain and has been teaching in Catholic schools for 30 years. Mrs. Considine believes in creating a warm and welcoming environment for students where all feel special and loved. She is excited to bring language arts and math to her students in fun and creative ways, and looks forward to students beginning to read by spring. She enjoys the Pumpkin Picking trip with students and parents and celebrating all holidays in a special way. Mrs. Considine is also a choir member and director of the Children’s Liturgy Program for her parish.