JPII Remote Learning Blog-3 Keys to Remote Learning Success

JPII Remote Learning Blog-3 Keys to Remote Learning Success

Three key strategies our school staff implements consistently brings successful outcomes for St. John Paul II remote learners:

Effective Digital Planning

St. John Paul II has selected Google Classroom to connect digitally with all students.  All students have been given google email addresses.  Students have been instructed on how Google Classroom works, and all teachers have office hours daily to answer any questions from parents and students.  Intermediate and primary grades are using Google Meets daily and teachers in those grades are giving activities to familiarize students with this platform, to be prepared if there is a need to move to all remote learning.

Student Engagement Focused

Our teachers will be using FRECKLE to enhance instruction for all grades and increase engagement.  Many teachers are also using Kahoot, Class Dojo, Spelling City, etc., to engage all students effectively whether they are learning in person or remotely.

Over the summer our teachers participated in professional development around Google Classroom.   They will also be participating in Lincspring which is a welcoming place for knowledge building and sharing of knowledge among teachers.

We recently had our first virtual assembly presented by Stratford Clean Air.   All students had the opportunity, to participate… and from their reviews enjoyed it!

Addressing Needs and Accountability

At St. John Paul II this is a year, more so than ever, to address the social/emotional needs of students and staff.   For many students returning to school in September it was their first outing with several people.  We stress making each student feel comfortable, and at times give some students extra “loving”, if they are missing their parents or caretakers.

The school has a counselor  on staff part-time available to help any student who may experience anxiety or other related issues.  St. John Paul II Regional School has made a strong commitment to make this school year successful and go the extra mile to address the needs of our students and families.

Our remote learners are held accountable.  Students must access lessons for all classes, and they must complete lessons/assessments as directed by their teachers.   We asked that each student set up a remote work area.   Teachers have office hours for students to ask questions.  Students are expected to be present for all live instruction.  The expectation for our remote learners, as well as all our students is that they exercise academic integrity with all their work and assessments.

Dedicated teachers that connect with remote students using effective digital platforms, engage with students, address student needs along the way, and hold students accountable are empowering students to reach their individual academic potential – even in a pandemic!

With social distancing in place, we currently have a few seats open for new students.  I invite you to contact us to schedule a safe, personal tour and hear more about all we do to meet the needs of our in-school and remote students at St. John Paul II Regional School.  Register for our Virtual Open House here.

I am available to address any concerns you may have about remote learning and answer questions to help you provide the best education for your child.

Helen Persing, Principal


Mrs. Persing holds an M.A. in educational administration from Rider University along with a B.S. in business management. She has both her NJ State Principal/Supervisor Standard Certification and NJ State Elementary School Teacher Standard Certification, and she completed the New Jersey Leaders to Leaders Program in October 2008. Mrs. Persing was nominated 2013 Camden Diocese Principal of the Year.  She is beginning her 12th school year as Principal of St. John Paul II Regional School since its inception in 2008. Mrs. Persing is passionate about Catholic Education and continues to devote her time to meeting the needs of the students at St. John Paul II R.S.