IOWA Testing Update

As you know, our school has had to adapt to the logistical and educational challenges of COVID-19. One
of those challenges is administering the Iowa Assessment, which is a paper and pencil test, to remote
students. This is further complicated with the unknown possibility of unscheduled individual, class, or
whole school quarantine. The Office of Catholic Schools recently gathered a committee to help Catholic
schools determine how to proceed with Iowa during the pandemic. After much discussion, the
committee recommended that we suspend the Iowa Assessment for the 2020-21 school year.
For the past two years, our school has piloted Star Assessment in Grades 1, 2, 3, and 8. The pilot has
been successful and we began administering the Star Assessment to Grades 1 to 8 this academic year.
Star is an online computer adaptive assessment. Students who are learning remotely can take the
assessment with their class.
The Star Assessment provides us with scores that are comparable to scores that we receive from the Iowa
Assessment. Another advantage of the Star Assessment is that teachers receive student results
immediately. Iowa assessment results are not available for months after testing. The immediate results
from the Star Assessment provide teachers with information that will help them to identify skills that need
to be reinforced and more advanced skills for which each student is prepared.
As always, everything we do is with our mission in mind – St. John Paul II Regional School is dedicated
to Christian stewardship and academic excellence and empowers its diverse student body to achieve their
academic potential in a faith based environment. It is our aspiration that through the collaboration of
church, school and faculty, our students will lead lives rooted in Catholic Christian values and
commitment to a better society.. We are excited about using this tool to help us continue to meet your
child’s individual needs and build on the solid academic formation that our school already provides.
Mrs. Helen Persing