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What Makes a Loving and Nurturing Preschool Experience for a Child? 7 Great Ways How to Do It!

Today, many parents need a child care program from birth through school age. All parents strive to place their child in a daycare environment that is loving and nurturing. This is no different when parents seek out a Preschool for their child. While there are important academic criteria parents should focus on in an accredited preschool program – a loving and nurturing environment is equally vital.

How is a Catholic Elementary Education Affordable for Your Family?

by Advancement

Does sending your child to Catholic school seem unattainable because you think you cannot afford the tuition?

Do you feel like you are settling for a mediocre elementary education because you do not believe you have the income to support Catholic school tuition?

Would you like to give your child the experience of a faith-based education, and still be able to provide for your family? If so, you are not alone!

Searching for a Kindergarten Program for Your Child? Three Important Questions to Ask on a School Visit (and the answers you need)

by Advancement

You are a “soon-to-be” Kindergarten parent. About this time of year, you may be Googling, surveying neighbors or attending local school events seeking the best fit for your child. It can be overwhelming to choose the right school, especially for a new Kindergarten parent. As parents, we all strive to make the best educational choices for our children, and there are many out there today-private, faith-based, charter, public, home school, cyber school and more. Well, you are not alone!

2019-2020 Financial Aid Applications Being Accepted Now

by Advancement

Catholic education is attainable! We invite current and prospective families to apply today for the 2019-2020 school year. We work to help families afford tuition through our financial aid program. Click the link above to begin our financial aid process so that your child can receive the gift of a Catholic education here at St. John Paul II Regional School.